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Stem Cell Nutrition

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The Absolute Best Quality AFA Blue Green Algae Formulas available Today

Scientific name:
Aphanizomenon flos-aquae pronounced:
"a-fan-a-zom-e-non flos-awk-we"

What is JDI™ MultiVitamin-MultiMineral With Stem Cell Nutrition Support?

JDI™ MultiVitamin-MultiMineral With Stem Cell Nutrition Support supplement
is a patented and patent pending proprietary formulation that appears to us to be an advanced daily vitamin supplement based upon our market review of currently available products. 

Just two (2), 900 mg. tablets taken daily in the AM on an empty stomach as tolerated, will meet most people’s minimum daily requirements. 

In addition to containing the key daily multi vitamins and minerals we all need, it is also derived from what we think is a major advance in clinical nutrition as described in more detail below. 

It features whole Aphanizomenon flos-aqua (AFA) containing polysaccharides plus the ingredients of AFA extracts, Phycocyanin from AFA and Arthrospira platensis (AP), Phenylethylamine (PEA) complex from AFA and other pure sources. 

It is designed to supply a good number of the micro nutrients needed to support life as well as increase adult stem cells. 

Don’t let those big words scare you as AFA and AP are forms of edible blue green algae carefully selected for this formulation.