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Stem Cell Nutrition

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The Absolute Best Quality AFA Blue Green Algae Formulas available Today

Scientific name:
Aphanizomenon flos-aquae pronounced:
"a-fan-a-zom-e-non flos-awk-we"

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Vita-Stim ~ Best Price Stem Cell Nutrition

Hi Teammates and friends,

Amazing News!!!!!!

Dr. John Cappello has lowered the price on Vita Stem:  

$39.95 effective immediately.  

This is an awesome price for an awesome product.

As a stand alone product, it contains 750 mg of the active ingredient plus 18 amino acids, more then 50 trace minerals, at least 12 key vitamins, important unsaturated fatty acids, and natural neuro modulating ingredients, which all of these act synergistcally to aid the body repair and maintenance.

The more stem cells or building blocks we have available, the faster and better our organs can be repaired.

Our overall health is strongly influenced by the continued availabilty of extra stem cells in our bodies.

But as we age our natural stem cell count declines.

Natural adult stem cells can migrate to damaged tissues and actually become a new heart cell, liver cell, pancreas cell or any type of issue cell.   They rapidly multiply and become any kind of cell in a short time.

This is a product you will want to share with all your friends.

Have a great day and be well,

Herb Farrell and

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