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JDI International Affiliate Program ~ JDIMLM ~ Join the Team

JDI International Affiliate Program ~ JDIMLM ~ Join the Team
Independent Business Owner

Stem Cell Nutrition

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The Absolute Best Quality AFA Blue Green Algae Formulas available Today

Scientific name:
Aphanizomenon flos-aquae pronounced:
"a-fan-a-zom-e-non flos-awk-we"

JDI International Home Business

JDI International Network Marketing ~ Home Based Business Opportunity ~ Conference Calls Weekly

live healthy and be well.

First of all, health is wealth. Teaching people how to stay healthy is also a way to freedom and liberty.

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By Dr. John Cappello!

 You can't really experience freedom and liberty if you are always worried about where your next dollar is coming from or when it's coming in. We believe the best chance for the average person to achieve financial liberty is through JDI Referral Marketing Path.

When you refer others to JDI and they purchase products, we will pay you commissions on their purchases. Commissions are monthly and checks go out by the 5th of the following month. When those members you have referred have their own referrals, you will earn additional commissions on those purchases. This can continue through 7 levels. 

JDI Weekly Conference Call:

Tuesday 8 PM EST- 5PM PST

JDI Conference Call:  1-218-862-6789. The access code is 217056

For anyone who wants to listen to last JDI Conference Call call  Dr. John's regularly scheduled call for this Tuesday at 8 PM EST is on. 1-218-862-6789. The access code is 217056. Last week was another great caller participation one. We love doing this for all of our Members and it just gets better.

An Archive of  the JDI Conference calls are available to all members in their back offices.

The first product to be offered by JDI International is its MultiVitamin -Multi Mineral With Stem Cell Nutrition Support. This product is a groundbreaking and patented product that should be the supplement foundation for every vitamin taking consumer in not only the USA, but the rest of the world. That is the JDI International vision, and based upon marketing experience, referral marketing is the only cost effective way to fulfill that vision. Our lead product is priced to fit almost every monthly budget and offers equal opportunity to all.

JDI Conference Call  Every Tuesday evening at 8 PM EST 
unless notice is given otherwise in a Sunday Broadcast

Dial 1-218-862-6789. The code is 217056.

Hi My name is Leslie

We consider all of our Independent Business Owners as partners and plan to keep an open line of communication no matter how big we become. For a cost of about $1.00 per day, you will have chance to not only improve your health, but also your financial status. That is a guarantee!

Please share this number with your guests and anyone that would be interested in not only an affordable Multi-Vitamin Supplement with Stem Cell Nutrition... but also an awesome Home Base Business Opportunity.  Yes! Work form Home choose your own hours.

We teach people how to:

Earn additional money
Gain Time freedom
Be Your Own Boss
Spend more time with Your Family
Get more Control over Your Workday
Build Residual Income
Share Tremendous Products with other People

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